Everything we do is very proudly based on this...

"to make the best,
you've got to use the best."

Rob Simon

Founder & CEO

Our manufacturing team has been making quality Australian mattresses for a long time.


This scientifically engineered ‘mattress in a box’ has been developed in conjunction with health professionals who share our passion and ambition to improve people's lives through quality sleep. It's no surprise our mattress has been endorsed by Osteopathy Australia and many health professionals throughout Australia.


Our experienced team lives by the mantra ‘to be the best, you have to use the best’.


Infinity for Life have proudly created Australia's most luxurious mattress in a box, using the best quality materials that are made to last. Our Australian steel springs are triple tempered and our GECA certified VPF foams are guaranteed to outlast cheap imitations, this is the reason our mattresses carry a lifetime guarantee.



Support our Country and all its citizens by creating and sustaining jobs, prioritizing environmentally sound processes whilst ensuring value for money in the manufacture and selling of the highest calibre Australian made mattresses, using only Australian sourced materials.



To enrich people’s lives by making the finest quality Australian hand-crafted mattresses, to ensure the most luxurious, comfortable, and supportive foundational sleep systems, that promote maximum well-being, and the healthiest, most peaceful sleep possible for Every Body.



In understanding diversity in body shape, lifestyle and activity, our continued focus as an innovator in the industry, is the continued high-level production of mattresses that are Superior in Form + Function.

To be,

  • Inspirational in Form; Luxury, Comfort and Aesthetic Appeal.

  • Aspirational in Function; A Dynamic Framework of Support, providing Total Body Wellness.

Tailor-Made to enhance and assist in relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation; for athletes, the active and those affected by skeletal issues, aches, and pains, best for everybody.